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What ever is that you are working towards achieving in life you first have to heal your relationship with YOU! Whether you are having issues with your significant other, family, friends, co-workers, wanting to lose weight, go back to school or start a business, the outcome starts and ends with how you feel about yourself. You may want something different in your relationship, but don’t know how that relationship is defined, what it would look like or how to find it. You may be dealing with past issues that cause you to constantly doubt yourself or your decisions. You may feel guilt from wrongdoings in your past. You may have family or friends that won't allow you to grow and let go of those past experience. You should be at a place acknowledgement of your worth and value and use your life experience as a learning tool. It's time to take charge and ownership of you, how you treat others verses how you allow others to treat you.

It's time to develop techniques and strategies to cope and learn how to change or let go of relationships that are toxic and unhealthy. Experience how to grow from the pain, gain the understanding and belief that you can actually create the relationships you want. Fortunately healthy relationship skills can be learned, and unhealthy relationship patterns can be changed. Relationship Coaching is a unique blend of coaching, teaching and mentoring. The Coach and client work together to define strategies for letting go of toxic relationships, transforming other relationships, and proactively co-creating healthy new relationships while working on how to fall in love with you all over again so that all the other things become possible.

As your Relationship Coach, Empower U supports clients in achieving their relationship goals by developing healthy relationship skills such as boundaries, assertiveness, and honest communication. You learn other skills such as listening on multiple levels, asking powerful questions, and how to be fully present with another person. When a client is Empowered with these skills, they gain the confidence to make healthy, conscious life decisions creating balanced, revived and Empowered relationships.

Empower U also offers businesses and organizations an opportunity to improve relationships that start with the individual and transcends throughout the workplace. Transformation begins by attending to the well-being of employees, improving morale, enhancing communication, clarifying organizational values, setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, increasing accountability, and creating a healthy work environment relationships.

Now is the time to find a haven, support, clarity, a new perspective, a sounding board, a sorting place, a safe space to let go, identify goals and build back up. Empower U provides you support in order to find a new path, focus, attention to finally figuring out what is really important and doing something about it.

As always, the CHOICE is YOURS!

Contact Info

Jamillah Douglas-Foulkes


Skype: Jamillah Foulkes


Instagram: jamillahdouglas

Hours: Monday- Friday 0900-1800

             Saturday and Sunday by                                     appointment only

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