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Person to Person

Professional Person to Person Coaching Relationship: Three month minimum, open-ended time frame. Jamillah works with clients to identify core values and areas of focus. Coaching continues until client and coach determine that the relationship is ready to change.

90 Days for Change

Targeted Coaching: 90 days for change. Coach works intensively with client for immediate change, and may include work/discussions with others at the client’s request. This is especially appropriate for parents who are ready to throw up their hands, who have tried everything they can think of, and who are determined to create a home environment that works for their family. When parents get clarity, it changes the playing field in the home. Targeted coaching requires strong commitment.

Coaching Workshop

Small groups of people in similar situations meet weekly via video teleconference for 6-8 sessions of group coaching. Groups include but are not limited to entrepreneurs; small business owners; CEOs; people in relations, both professional and personal; women who want more out of life; men who know that there is something missing; parents and adult children. 

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