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Becoming Resilient

Hello Friends,

I am thankful you took the time to start making positive change towards healthy relationships your life. In this busy world we juggle work, family, friends and our social life, but we don't take the time to focus on how those relationships affect us. A lot of times you may sit around in miserable relationships because you feel obligated or that you cannot do better. I see this a lot with adult children and their parents. The parent is constantly belittling them, talking down to them or just not acknowledging them as an adult that can make decisions in their life. When that happens the reasoning that people always tell themselves is "that's my mom" or "that's my dad". This reasoning can occur in any relationship. Friends taking advantage of your kindness, you are always there to support them and when you need support they aren't emotionally available or always steals the spotlight. Spouses or partners not acknowledging your needs. Notice I said your needs not your wants. You teach people how to treat you and until you decide that you are a valued person that will be treated with love and respect, you will remain miserable and even become resentful. As always, the choice is yours


Today is the day that you become the conductor of the relationships in your life~Start Reviving your Relationships


Jamillah Foulkes~Empower U

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